👨‍⚕️About Me

“As of January 2021, I am a 2nd Year Medical Student At Taras Shevchenko National Medical University In Kyiv.”

What I’m Working On:-

  • 🎬 In 2020, I Started My YouTube Channel In The Hope Of showing a part of my life to a wide audience. I Planned On visiting a lot of places last year i.e. “2020”. But everyone knows how 2020 was like for most of us, the one specific passion I had for myself, Traveling was pointless. Cause of cities closing/lockdown one after the other. I hope this year could provide me with better surprises than last year and I could focus more on the things I do enjoy doing.
  • 👨‍⚕️As Of 2021, I am a 2nd Year Medical Student Here In The Beautiful City Of Kyiv. My Journey Started Here In September 2019 And from that onwards Ukraine Just Somewhat Become a part Of My Life.
  • 🎤During The Period Of Lockdown, I came across a lot of people working From home. listening to a lot of podcasts in the process. so hereby I sometimes do live on chat podcasts on my youtube channel, hoping I could make someone’s day special or give them a piece of mind.
  • ✍Over Here On This Website, I am Planning on posting materials about productivity, entrepreneurship, and generic life advice. that I’ve found helpful over the years, as well as sharing my favorite apps and tech.

Other Things:-

  • 💻 Back In school, I learned web designing knowing this I started working as a freelancer on Fiverr For a couple of Years Then, Finally taking interest in video editing and vlogging. Knowing Some Knowledge Regarding Coding, I appeared for the International Robotics Olympiad, Went On Qualifying for the International.
  • 🎹 During This Time I took interest in playing the Piano! So end up learning it and qualified for the School Team was a Great Experience Overall.
  • 🧠 As Of now, I am in that position that I have learnt almost everything possible, which came in my way. Holding a lot of memories and experiences in the process! What I like to say a Part Of My Life Experience.

Get in Touch :-

  • 📷Instagram, If You ever feel like getting to know me or want to speak to me directly, you can text me on my Instagram @MedRian.YT

Any Quries?