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Howdy! I Am Rifad Haque, Born And raised In Delhi, India.😜. Currently A 2nd-year Medical Student At Taras Shevchenko International Medical University In Kyiv, Ukraine.


Why Caffeine Is Good For You

Ask anyone what their favorite morning beverage is and chances are, they’ll say it’s coffee. Whether you’re cradling a mug early in the day or sipping a latte during your lunch break at work, there’s really nothing like Read more…

A Pandemic In Its Own Right?

One in three survivors of COVID-19, those more commonly referred to as COVID-19 long-haulers, suffered from neurologic or psychiatric disability six months after infection, a recent landmark study of more than 200,000 post-COVID-19 patients showed. Read more…

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"Don't Let The Past, Define What You Can Do In The future"

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